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"We are pleased to collaborate with Blue-Zone, not only because the technology is innovative but also because it can extend the useful life cycle of anesthetic agents. Supporting safety, innovation and sustainable development, while improving local and global environments, are key elements of our vision for the future."

Dr. Gerry O'Leary, MB, FRCPC

University Health Network - Mount Sinai Hospital

"Change out of Deltasorb® canisters is safe, fast, easy and trouble-free. Blue-Zone service is reliable, timely and friendly."

Kevin Dalgliesh, RRT, RRCP

OR - RT Professional Practice Leader
UHN, Toronto General Hospital

"Use of Deltasorb® canisters has become a routine practice in our hospital. It prevents routine venting of anesthetic agents and allows for a safer, cleaner environment, now and in the future."

Dr. Daniel Riegert, MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, U of T
Medical Director, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"Our hospital is pleased to pioneer this unique sustainable Canadian invention - a first in the world."

Rick Paradis, RRT, RRCP, B Adms.

Charge Therapist - O.R.
Respiratory Therapy Department / Anesthesia - Mount Sinai Hospital


Rick Paradis, RRT, RRCP, B Adms. "Our hospital is pleased to pioneer this unique sustainable Canadian invention - a first in the world."...
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Blue-Zone Story

Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service Launches New Website

Blue-Zone Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its new Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service website. The website is a resource...


16) Why is there a Serial Number on the canister?

Each canister has its own unique serial number, which is used for tracking purposes. We are aware of each canister's location at all times....

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